Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, August 22, 2015

So, in case you were wondering, yes, bumblebees have to tinkle just like anyone else.  In an emergency, they just let it fly, as this one is doing, but normally they prefer to go to a BP station.
The other night after the Mets and the Orioles played, Cuban émigré Yoenis Céspedes of the Mets (formerly of the A's, Red Sox and Tigers) showed that he knows the best seafood in the world is right here in Baltimore, and sometimes it's even better in those little neighborhood crab joints with chips hanging on the wall. He looks very happy to be photographed, am I wrong?  
Is there anything sadder than Dodg-'Em cars at an abandoned amusement park?
They don't usually perch and allow their photos to be taken, but this is what a hummingbird looks like really close up.
Authentic American School Lunch from the 1990s.  And do you see anything GREEN on that tray?  
One of my father's many talents was lettering, and this is a sign he made at the behest of his supervisors at Baltimore Gas and Electric in 1936. Apparently, people were fooling around on the ladders and sliding poles where he worked, which was then a power plant and is now The Power Plant. I don't imagine people in the 1930s flying down the sliding poles or using the ladders inappropriately, yet here is the proof that scalawags existed even then.
Some dude whose girlfriend is named Gabrielle took the time to fold pages from a book and spell her name.  The "why" I understand; the "how" puzzles me.
The good people at Nabisco, in the mid-60s, encouraged people to decorate their crackers with caviar, cheese and finely-cut vegetables.  All that is fine.  Racist caricatures were stupid then and still are, though.

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