Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It Should Never Happen

I saw this online the other day, and it made me think that it's time for school to start again, and to think that a certain amount of kids will have to endure bullying again.

I have Facebook friends who have been real life friends since we were in first grade together (there was no kindergarten or pre-k in our frontier upbringing.)  They would be able to verify that my size, my verbal dexterity and my all-around cocky attitude made me a non-target for bullies.  In fact, I can't recall anyone pushing me around, but I surely do wish that people today who see this stuff going on would do something about it.  We seem to be largely desensitized in this country; death and violence are served up on the news and in movies, tv shows and video games as if to be mistaken for entertainment. But today's mass killer might have been that kid who shoved other kids around on the playground twenty years ago.

Please help both of those kids.  Report it and follow through.  Make sure something is done, please.

And for those of you who have friends and a pack of kids to hang with: it wouldn't hurt to add a new person or two to your club.  I always found that new kids sometimes knew things that might come in handy at school.  Some of these things were even educational!

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