Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Carry on!

When I was a skinny guy years ago, they came out with cargo pants, the invention of which must rank up there with mp3 players and digital cameras as the greatest things ever.  No longer did I need to have my 4 pants pockets stuffed til Toledo with all I carry around (wallet, pocket knives, change in a little leather carrier, bandana, off-brand Purell, cell phone, pocket calendar and so forth is the current census)!  Now, there are six pockets to a pair of cargo pants or shorts, so I'm set unless it's a dress-up occasion, when a suit comes out of mothballs, but at least with that, there are jacket pockets to load up.

I'm one of those hyper-prepared fellows, so I have to have everything with me all the time.  And in my long-ago school days, anyone, male or female, who carried their stuff - books, notebooks, lunch, gym gear, extra socks - would have been hooted back to the playground, or beyond.

But now they are the thing, all the kids seem to have them, and I admit to a certain jealousy, because they surely make lugging all your kit and kaboodle around much easier.

It's the one with "Stairway to Heaven"
The question still comes up...all summer long I saw guys walking the roads near here with backpacks on.  So, is this a thing now?  I know these dudes had their video game controllers with 87 games and their iPads and laptops and Sunny D drinks and chips with them.

School is back in session now, and I guess I'll see that studious girl who lives up at the top of our court coming home from the bus stop.  The poor young lady carries so much in her backpack, she looks like the guy on the Led Zeppelin 4 album, climbing that stairway...

It's not too late for me to get in on the backpack fun, doggone it!

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