Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, August 1, 2015

If you could have just corraled his talent with words alone, you'd have had something great.  But Roger Miller wrote great lyrics and great catchy tunes, too.  He didn't live long enough to be all that he could have been, but while he was here, he made some great songs.
This is the sort of balcony on an apartment where people live and say things like, "Yeah, well, we DO have a balcony, but we never really USE it..."
I never saw the point to the BABY ON BOARD bumper sticker. It's not people would see it and say, "Oh, I should be careful! There's a baby in that Biscayne!"  People who are going to drive carefully don't need a reminder, and the rest won't heed one anyway.
Almost apple-picking time, and time for apple pie and applesauce and apple cider and all the rest!
I don't know where this is posted, but it's a really bad season for mosquitoes all over this year.  That really bites, ya know?
Jen Welter has made a big first step as the first woman hired for any kind of coaching position in the National Football League. She will work with the team’s inside linebackers in training camp and the preseason. I always say, any job should be open for anyone willing and capable of doing it.
I think often about the advice my wise old Dad offered me.  One which still reverberates is this: Never give your wife a present that plugs in.  Imagine!  "Merry Christmas, honey!  Here's an iron for you!"
I'm not big on black-and-white photos, but this one is so cool! The man on the left is Victor Mature, a handsome movie actor famous for being handsome and for saying, "I can't act, and I have 146 movies to prove it!"  And on the right is bandleader/singer/comedian Phil Harris, beloved to me as a bandleader/singer/comedian, and to children everywhere as the voice of Baloo The Bear in the animated "Jungle Book" movie.