Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, January 17, 2015

 How cool would it be to take a train trip out West in the snow?
This is Roger Fenton from England, a pioneer in photography, and the first war photographer. He's seen here in 1855, when he took more than 300 pictures of action in the Crimean War.
If you want me to be cosy and comfortable, don't expect me to wear wool underwear.  I'm sheepish about itchy woolies.
I can't even say anything much about this idea for dessert at a funeral wake, except that I wonder if anyone pointed out that the "guest of honor" looked a lot like Vladimir Lenin.  And, I guess they had snacks, sides, appetizers and an entree, so figuring what to have for dessert was a piece of cake.
This would be my luck if I ever went to another football game - to have a seat right next to someone who insists on being a character.
If you really want me to be sociable, hand me one of those beers over here, would you please?
The guy down the street from our old house had been driving his pickup in Alabama when he came upon an accident.  A guy had run off the road and knocked down a pecan tree. Our neighbor filled his truck with pecan limbs, and the next winter, every night he had a fire in his fireplace, the whole neighborhood smelled like pecan pie.  I immediately started driving around looking for someone who had run into a cow.
There are dozens of types of barbed wire to keep people and livestock on one side of a fence or the other.  It works better than signs.

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