Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, January 10, 2015

Apparently, people named Clark have always said, "Poppycock!" Also, "Flibbertigibet!" and "Oh for crying out loud!"
I found this old ad from the 1880s for Lea & Perrins's Worcestershire Sauce.  Then, as now, who can pronounce the name of the product?
Here's a photo of a new cat mom snuggling with her newborn kitten.  I know, how can it get any cuter?  
Longtime Simpsons fans will remember when the Flowers By Irene van was parked in front of the house in the beloved "Bart The Murderer" episode.  While Bart was becoming "capo di tutti capi" in Fat Tony's mob, the boys from Hooverland were keeping an eye on his house for two weeks until Marge got wise.
I wanted to go through this entrance, but it was sealed off.
Those of us with a touch of OCD (hot dogs were six to the package and rolls came in bags of eight) will find an odd number of forks to be disconcerting.  Why not 52, one for every week?
This is one of those tiny plants that waters itself on the condensation formed when a glass-enclosed object sits in the sun, right?
So, just because he took the time, trouble and expense to get a license tag that promises
that he's not a police, you can be sure he's not a police.  But...what if this IS the police
and a fiendishly clever plot calculated to make you think they're NOT the police?

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