Thursday, January 22, 2015

...And I cannot lie

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time we had a little talk about the need to be a little smarter about your medical treatments.

I didn't think it would ever come to this, but, ladies, please don't allow unauthorized people to inject silicone into your seating area in an effort to make it look more callipygian.

Callipygian?  Is that one of the Kardashian sisters?  

Well, sort of.  It comes from the Greek words kallos, meaning ‘beauty’ and  pūgē  (‘buttocks) so we use it to describe a well-shaped posterior.

That's great, and if nature blessed you with natural callipygiancy, then strut your stuff proudly, as you see fit.  But I have to recommend against having some non-doctor try to make a Kim of you, if nature didn't.

Item:  Six women in New Jersey had someone inject silicone into their keisters.  The women are from Essex County NJ.  Someone up there talked them into this, but, instead of medical-grade silicone, they used the sort of silicone that is used to caulk bathtubs and showers.  They are recovering from the abscesses that the makeshift procedure caused them in the search for a big caboose.

I couldn't find a picture for this story, so here's
one of some lilies in a field.
They are far more fortunate than the woman in the Maryland suburbs who died from having silicone injected into her rump at a hotel in Capitol Heights by a man who is a stranger to graduation from any medical school, as far as is known.

All in the name of having a jumbo bounce house tagging along behind.  People are ill and dying because it's important enough to them to allow a non-doctor to inject plumbing fluids into the one precious body they were given.

And yet we laugh at "backward" people from other parts of the world and their "ridiculous" practices and notions, while some of us make asses of ourselves like this.

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