Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, August 9, 2014

Sunset on Mars - no, not a movie, the REAL Mars - taken in 2005 by the Spirit Rover.  Chances are, there are at least two Starbucks and a 17-screen movie theater right on this spot now.
 A man posted this online and said his grandmother stole the knife and fork while a prisoner of the Nazis in World War II - and she still uses it for every meal.
 This is a garage in Japan, where a Japanese person is attempting to fit a full-size SUV in a space made for a microcar.  Hey, if you don't mind, he doesn't mind...
 This would make a nice wallpaper for surf lovers, no?
 I like to Dole out information whenever I get any.  This is how pineapples are grown.  Are you like me, and until just now, you thought they grew on trees?
This is the Chicago Elevated train in 1969 - the same commuter rail line we saw in "Trains, Plains and Automobiles" and the opening to the Bob Newhart Show.

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