Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show. August 2, 2014

I'd like to say that it's a new month, and maybe we're not all ready for it.  Please wait while I get my bearings.
Lemons are good for a million things, eating and drinking chief among them, but they have other uses.  The sign would be more helpful if it recommended adding a splash of orange juice to your cuts some of the bitterness while adding another delightful citrus taste!
I've never been to Turkey, and while this is an appealing rustic view of a little Turkish farm, I have to figure that it's quite remote and the cable provider would not carry the Orioles, so, no, thanks.
This is Oxford, England, and someone over there is really willing to go the extra mile to shake up the neighborhood.  Jolly good!
This is the only surviving building after the battle of Culloden in Scotland (1746).  It's called Old Leanach Cottage, and people lived there until 1912; now it's kept preserved by the Gaelic Society of Inverness.   It has that lived-in look.
Some people should be put in prism for their crazy jokes!  Here's someone using the full spectrum to keep the thread alive.

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