Thursday, August 7, 2014

Get the truck out of here

I am making the conscious decision to watch and read less news, because after following world events all my life, now, in my dotage, it is dawning on me that knowing what's going on doesn't give me the power to do anything about it.

So I'm planning to do a lot less with Alex Wagner and a lot more with Honus Wagner.

But one thing I enjoy on the news is the American influence all over the world.  For instance, you watch the Super Bowl and the other championship ball games, and within 3 seconds of the game being over, the winners are pulling on their WORLD CHAMPS t-shirts and caps, which were made up in advance, clearly, for both teams.
This never happened.
Which means that the losing team has a couple thousand shirts and caps that are no longer applicable or wearable.  This apparel is immediately sent to third-world countries, which is why you'll be watching Brian Williams With The News and see a report about a story in deepest Africa and see a guy wearing a t-shirt that says "TEXAS RANGERS WORLD CHAMPIONS"  or a guy in Gaza with a cap saluting the Denver Broncos for being Super Bowl champs in their minds only.

Another thing - advertising companies, take note.  How many stories have you seen in which a Toyota pick-'em-up truck is carrying 17 men and their guns and equipment through some distant war-torn area?  Why is Toyota not using these men to endorse their legendarily tough Tacomas and Tundras?  Have you ever seen a story in which it was reported that a group of terrorists or defenders intended to wage battle, but couldn't,
because their truck needed a hotshot?

The world would be a more peaceful place if everyone planning to fight a war had to drive Ford Explorers.

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