Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, March 15, 2014

 This is either sunset or sunrise, I don't know which, but I know it's a pretty picture of St Petersburg, Russia.
 It's probably not so good for the old diet, but while I was scooting through Russian picture sites (I go to all ends of the earth, scouring the web for pictures!) I found this Russian sausage site, and I say Russian salami must rule.
 Edith Macefield was a woman in her 80s when some bigshot developer in Seattle bought up all the land around her house to build a five-story office complex, which probably has a Starbucks on every floor.  She told the developer to take his money and invest it deeply within himself, and she continued to live in her house for two more years until she passed away at 86. She willed the house to the construction superintendent on the office building project because he had been kind and respectful to her throughout. Since her passing, the supe sold the house for $310,000; the house has been raised (not razed!) and a park sits beneath it, and was the site of the first annual Macefield Music Festival last fall.  Hold on to things that are important to you.
If you'll permit a personal note about things that are important to me...I've always been fascinated by letters in bottles, corked and tossed into the drink to await being found who knows when and where.  I found this picture of German fishermen who came up with a bottle that was sent adrift in 1913, which was the year my late father was born.  Funny how often that year bobs to the surface in my reading.  And on the first day Peggy went back to work after Dad's funeral, a truck passed her as she walked to her office from the bus.  The truck had "Established 1913" painted on the back panel.  Enjoy your weekend!

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