Thursday, March 20, 2014

Grimm's Fairy Jail

Every development built since some alert legislator noticed that all sorts of junk was flowing right into the Chesapeake Bay has one of those drainage ponds...down on the corner, surrounded by a rotting wooden fence, full of weeds and Capri Sun containers, and a lot of water, after a storm. They fulfill a good purpose, although it's not exactly like living next door to a field of lavender waving in the spring breeze if your view includes the local sediment dump.

Mr Grimm
The reason I bring this all Paul David Grimm, of Severna Park. (Longtime readers, Severna Park is in Anne Arundel County, always the funniest of Maryland's 23 counties.)  Mr Grimm, whose mugshot shows that he always tries to live up to his name, has been upset lately over the construction of a drainage pond in his neighborhood. He was railing at the contractor doing the work on behalf of the county, and the contractor notified the county councilperson for that area, whose name is Dick Ladd.  Ladd showed up at the job site last week for a reasonable discussion of the issue, but that did not occur.  According to news reports, Ladd was talking to Grimm's daughter and Grimm used his pointer finger to alert Councilman Ladd and mentioned “taking him out.” He implied a weapon.  Feeling that he wasn't in enough trouble yet,  Mr. Grimm then spoke of Maryland Senate President Mike Miller and House Speaker Mike Busch and said that he would “take them out” too. As he rambled on, Grimm said “it would be a fantasy of his to see Mike Miller and Mike Busch” knock on his door because “they would come out in body bags."

Well now.  The news story went on to say that the police verified this information by interviewing people present at the scene as well as examining other evidence obtained. So,  Homeland Security and Anne Arundel County PD detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Grimm, and arrested him without at his residence, charging him with 3 counts of Threats to State Official. That's against the law here.  I mean, who does he think he is, Chris Christie?

“We take criminal threats against our elected officials very seriously,” said Anne Arundel County Police Chief Kevin Davis. “We will act expeditiously when someone detracts from the capacity of the people’s representatives to safely represent our communities.”

The other Grimm
In his 58 years of treading this earth, Mr Grimm has not learned yet that he can't get his way by playing the big bully.  I think it's for the best that schools are finally cracking down on overly aggressive kids.  Perhaps by the time that little wiseacre currently tormenting the other third graders gets to be that old, he will learn to deal with his frustrations and leave the petty threats of violence against others where they belong, like the United Nations.

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