Friday, March 14, 2014

The Muenster Mash

Cheese in a packet - so handy!
Now look at what the Europeans are hollering about!  The European Union wants us to stop using European cheese names like parmesan, feta and gruyere for cheese made here in the United States.

I did not know, until I read this article, that they call it Parmesan cheese because they first made it in Parma, Italy.  Well, there's a Parma in Ohio!  And I bring that up, knowing that it means nothing in this argument, but it was a pretty cool song for Drew Carey in the day.  Also, it said that Feta cheese should only be from Greece, although there is no such a town as Feta, Greece.  There is an Alexandria in Greece and also one in Virginia, so let's call Feta cheese Alexandria cheese and make everyone happy.
Mr B

The Europeans are saying that our cheese is not as good as their cheese and maybe that's so, but then again, how good do you want your cheese to be?  A cup of fine imported Parmigiana that rode to the pizza shop on a boat from Italy still won't taste as good as three cups of gooey white Wisconsin pizza cheese. 

Also, the Europeans are getting mighty protective of words such as these for non-cheese items: bologna, Greek yogurt, Valencia oranges and prosciutto, among other foods.  So Joseph Bologna will now change his name to Joe Lunchmeat.  We'll call it "Greek-style" yogurt and we'll skip prosciutto and just use Virginia ham.
Va. Ham

Didn't they date for years in high school and beyond - Skip Prosciutto and Virginia Ham?  They always had something salty going on.

I'm being snarky about this, but only because the Europeans won't play fairly.  You can't just take back the name of a cheese after all these years.  What if we said, OK, you can't say "Computer" anymore?  And what if we did so by email? How would they know?


Bert said...

The French (WHO??)say ordinateur for computer, so they won't mind your revenge.

Mark said...

Hi Bert! How are things across the big pond?