Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cool it

At 6 AM this past Tuesday, the temperature at our airport dropped to 4 degrees above zero, or in television weather parlance, "the mercury plummeted" to 4 above.  

This was the time that the weatherman threw down his
clipboard live on CNN rather than explain the weather
Immediately, the town fell into a frenzy, and TV stations dispatched reporters to do live shots clad in Russian cossack gear, holding thermometers and reminding moms to make sure the kids are wearing coats before they head out to the bus stop.

Listen, if we could just stop for a second and think about it's MARCH!  It's still winter.  

The meteorologists claim that March 1 is the "first day of meteorological spring" now, and everyone thinks that on March 1, we're going to be tiptoeing through the tulips and  we're gonna be "...just like a couple of tots, Running across the meadow, Picking up lots of forget-me-nots...

The weather and the calendar are not friends, and they don't synch up.  Baseball is the summer game, but I've worn a parka and down mittens to Opening Day, while football season starts off in the dog days of Labor Day weekend while people are schweaty and shtinky from the heat.

Another thing that tickles me about people is how we complain about the cold in the wintertime, and then as soon as it warms up, we crank up the A/C to get the room cold again.  I thought we wanted it warm!

We never have what we want, we never want what we have.  How about just enjoying what life brings us?  Yeah it's cold this week, and within a month it'll be hot.  Hold on.

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