Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show, November 9, 2013

 Our first picture this week finds us in Clearwater, Florida.  You might be joining me in wondering what the devil is going on in the Sunshine State these days.  More weird news and pictures comes from there than, say, Wisconsin.  For example, here is what happened when a stripper was hauled into court and forced to demonstrate to the Honorable Judge Whoosit that her panties were not so tiny as to allow an unabridged view of her whatsis.  The bailiff, the court reporter and the judge were all being paid for their service as this landmark moment in American jurisprudence took place.
 CJ?  Where's the W?  Don't you realize, it's a silent W?
 Toronto's crackhead mayor goof is seen here, posing with America's cracked-head major galoot.
You can talk about your tough jobs...corrections officer in a maximum-security lockup...sewer inspector...refuse collector...John Boehner's tanning machine operator. But I still have to give it up to Mr Harry C Dumler, Shop Teacher at the now-shuttered Towsontown Junior High School, where I matriculated for three straight years. Mr Dumler found it within himself to announce to a room full of 14-year-old boys, "Now men, we have three kinds of files here in this wood shop..the rough files, the smooth files, and the bastard files."  From that moment on, all we could do was ask each other to hand over that bastard.
No words for this,  except RIP Marcia Wallace.

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