Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show, November 23, 2013

 It seems so easy to say, but no matter where you find yourself, there you are, and it's best to stay until it's time to go.
 I'll admit it.  I have tried since childhood to eat with chopsticks, and no good.  Unless you count all the chunks of shrimp that have rolled down the front of me, not much leaves the plate when I chop it up.  So I have given up, and use a fork.  I say Egg Fooey to the concept.

 This week in Nashville saw the unveiling of a monument to the late great George Jones.  His widow, Nancy, who is credited with turning George's life around, poses with the stone that marks The Possum's grave.  She announced the creation of a scholarship in his name for music students at Middle Tennessee State University.
There are foreign policies, Company Policies, Communications and Information Policies, Human resources policies,  Privacy policies, Public policies, ‎Monetary policies, Life Insurance policies, Regulatory policies and Auto Insurance policies.  But until now, no one set forth an official Sauce Policy, and we have the friendly folks under the Golden Arches to thank for it.  Honestly, it's the best policy.

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