Wednesday, November 20, 2013

No reports of anyone being forced to shop

The other day I heard a definition of society given as "a large group of people in search of something to be offended about."

Which brings me to this latest source of irritation: stores that plan to open up on Thanksgiving evening for those who want to get a leg up on Christmas shopping.

Many people will enjoy getting their legs up and off the sofa for an hour.  This can only be good.

Many will be so glad to get away from Cousin Winthrop and his tales of Thanksgivings long long ago that they will run to the closest WalMart in search of DoorBuster special bargains, like the combination printer/scanner/food dehydrator that's sure to be the big seller of Christmas '13.

Still many more will veg out on the sofa or recliner, deep in a food haze, and some will sit and nod at the TV, watching sitcom families argue over the last turkey wing.

But, some stores are opening and this has many people all upset.  "Thanksgiving is for families, and being with the ones you love, and commerce should take a holiday!" they exclaim.

It's good to find the balance.  Yes, in an ideal world, everyone should be able to be home stuffing turkey down their neck, but it just can't be.  We need police, firefighters, EMTs, hospital staff, the people at the electric company...thousands of people will be at work anyway, not able to get in the mob seeking the new "High-Strung Elmo," the toy that natters on almost as much as Cousin Winthrop.

One of these years, the Patriots will
play the Chiefs on Thanksgiving Day.
Many people who work at the stores - and especially, those who OWN the stores - look at this holiday season as a way to get the green into Black Friday, and if Friday starts at 8 o'clock Thursday, all the better.

I understand that it's nontraditional for Try 'N' Save to be open on Thanksgiving Day, and that upsets a lot of people who will decry this naked moneygrab, this awful disruption of a traditional family gathering during dinner, and then get up from the table and head downtown to M&T Bank Stadium to watch a professional football game.

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