Wednesday, November 13, 2013

And why is he not in jail?

Do you know who Ed Bolian is?  If you ran a jail, it would be great if you could say, "Yes, I just put him in his cell for the night."  I wish someone could say that.

You may have heard of what this jackanapes did a couple of weeks ago without ever learning his name.

He thought that a nice way to spend 29 hours or so would be to rig up a fast car with extra gas tanks and drive the car from New York to Los Angeles.  This has long been an obsession with the easily-obsessed Bolian, who wasted time in high school interviewing one Brock Yates, whose fertile brain hatched the idea of speeding from coast to coast, which gave someone in Hollywood the idea of making a movie about people hauling across the country, with Mr. Burt Reynolds as lead oaf!

Bolian, a Georgia Tech graduate, installed a switch to kill the rear lights and bought two laser jammers and three radar detectors...all with the intent of foiling the police.  He tried to rig up a radar jamming device, but, sad for him, it wasn't ready in time for his foolhardy venture. He also installed a police scanner, two GPS units and chargers for smartphones and tablets that his co-driver and navigator were to use.  And, like anyone else setting off on a motor trip, he packed some snacks, iced coffee and a bedpan.

Movies are made under controlled conditions, but when halfwits career across highways meant for all of us to use in a safe manner, endangering lives and property all over, that's just stupid behavior.

You can read the articles online if you want to.  Just google Bolian and you'll see them, mainly glowing accounts of the intrepid young man and the friends dumb enough to pile into his Mercedes and the scouts that he had driving 200 miles ahead of him to let him know of, you know, bothersome impediments such as radar traps and people driving at the lawful speed limit.

Young Bolian piped up to say, "Most of the time, we weren't going insanely fast."  This, after driving 2800 miles in just under 29 hours.

Bolian. You've got to love the look of sheer unadulterated stupidity.
We should not allow the incapable to define what sanity is. Had this knucklehead smashed into a stopped school bus or a car driven by an elderly couple, and had people died, the old hue and cry about menacing people on the highway would have been sounded.

But that didn't happen, so let's forget it, ok?

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