Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show returns! 6/14/13

 My gift to you is this free wallpaper for your pc, tablet or phone! Those of us in the Baltimore area saw some vivid sunsets this past week with storms in the air, but we made out pretty well - no derecho!
I'll wait right here if you think you can find a cuter picture of a little baby critter than this.  If you show me a little kitten or puppy, I will have to point out that Stampy, Jr, here is actually smiling, which makes this the cutest picture of any baby animal ever!
 It's either that I have seen this picture before - or someone else did this with their fence somewhere!  A little work with a spokeshave on top of fence pickets, and rainbow of colors from a paint store, and a plain fence becomes a plain joy!
How did it come that chocolate/vanilla/strawberry ice cream or frozen "yogurt" is called "Neapolitan"?  Do we have evidence that the legendary ice cream makers of Naples found a way to combine the three leading ice cream flavors at some point in history?  Whoever invented it, the chocolate dispenser on this production line was clearly sloughing off the day this tub came down the chute.

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