Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Civil rites

You know things are going crazy when the conservatives turn on John McCain.

I guess I'm out of touch, because I thought we had advanced a little bit in this country and had got to a point at which we allow other people to marry whomever they wish.

By the way, just yesterday a friend put a very clever posting on Facebook .  She said that she was in Subway, in line to order, and the guy ahead of her ordered a sub for his lunch that she did not like.  She wondered if she had the right to holler out and tell the dude to change his order, and compared the situation to the opposition to same-sex marriage.

But you would think that a big shot like John McCain - a US Senator from Arizona, former POW, rich guy who married a beer baron's daughter - would be able to post pictures on his facebook page of his son's wedding.  I mean, what's it to any of us whom young Jack McCain marries?  He's 27, a member of the Air Force Reserve, and he married he met in Guam while serving.

But...apparently the lovely bride is not WHITE enough for some people.  Read the comments and see what people say...it's awful.  "Is she black?"  "No wonder McCain crawled into bed with Obama."


The comments are all there, in black and white, ironically enough, for us to read and gag on.  It's a reminder that there are people in this world so filled with hatred, so deeply stilled in prejudice, so full of anger and jealousy and envy and I don't know what-all else that they have to sit and type nasty messages on the Facebook page of Senator McCain because of the skin pigmentation of the woman his son chose to marry.

In Sammy Davis, Jr's autobiography, "Yes I Can" the great SD describes a scene that occurred while he was dating Kim Novak.  They had to resort to disguises and hideouts in order to see each other, and one night, hidden in the back of a limousine on his way to meet Kim, Sammy saw a wizened, grizzled old white guy who had fallen on tough times and was panhandling on a corner.  Sammy came to the sad realization that even though this guy's station in life was a sad one, at least he was a Caucasian, and so would have been suitable company to be seen in public with Kim Novak.

But that all took place in like 1956 or something.  Here we are in 2013, and there is a part of the population that says hate-filled things during a love-filled occasion.

Read them for yourself, on the senator's page, and see if you don't feel sort of sorry for a lot of people.  It's beyond awful.

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