Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show, June 29, 2013

 This young lady suffers from the heartbreak of heterochromia iridium, the condition that leaves her with one brown eye and one blue one.  My first thought, of course, is what it says on her driver's license under "color eyes."  It's an inherited dominant trait, much like voting for people like Rick Perry, but much more interesting.
 The Fourth of July is right around the corner.  The question asked above is worth considering.  We happen to have one of the finest hand clinics in the world right here in Bmore at Union Memorial Hospital, where they will be very busy on the 4th, dealing with people who lit their 3rd M-80 after downing a 5th. Keep your hands to yourself.
 This young lady's night of golden prom memories will remain unbesmirched, as long as someone in the family can crop pervy Uncle Ace out.
All of these buttons would come in handy every day.

Happy 4th and for Pete's sake, be careful!

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