Thursday, June 20, 2013

June Brides

I never thought about getting married much before I met Peggy, but I started thinking a lot about it within 10 seconds of meeting her, a meeting which occurred 40 years ago tomorrow.

It's not that a lot of women weren't asking me to get married.  My mother, my sister, my grandmother, a great aunt or two and several family friends suggested repeatedly that I run off and elope as fast as possible, taking my stuff with me.  Harrumph.

But I have always enjoyed weddings and all that goes with them, especially the conception reception immediately afterward.  We talked before about my buddy who made a Saturday habit of putting on his one sports coat, white shirt, tie and decent khakis, and crashing wedding receptions at the fabulous Martin's Eudowood.  When he showed up with the rest of us dateless ne'er-do-wells and rakehells on a Saturday night, he was already full of free beer, Lobster Newburg, roast beef, green beans almondine and twice-baked potatoes, all the items that were as certainly a part of the Martin's Wedding Experience as Al Martino's record of "Daddy's Little Girl."

Used to be, a couple got married in a local church and then their friends and family showed up in a banquet hall and toasted the newlyweds, who were in a big hurry to get the honeymoon started, so they changed to their "going away" clothes as soon as the people catering the shindig wheeled out the Make Your Own Sundae fixin's.

There doesn't seem to be the same hurry to get to the bridal suite down at the Airport Motel 6, so today's couples have dual bachelor and bachelorette parties in Las Vegas, Reno or Miami Beach, with a destination wedding to follow.  That means that Uncle Paul and Aunt Pearl have to pony up for a trip to Jackal's Island in the Grand Bahamas, because the groom's parents will be damned if they are paying Paul and Pearl's fare, after they way they acted about selling them that Bonneville with the cracked block and defective radiator when Paul, Jr, left for the Coast Guard.

Point is, weddings are not as simple as they a) used to be or b) ought to be.  But do hire a good photographer.  I can recommend a great one for you!  Our friend Angie will record the day with taste and dignity, and will make sure that the relatives never have to see anything like this >>>>

Where is the dignity?  Who thought this would be a good idea?  Uncle Paul?

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