Friday, June 22, 2012

Sorry, I have a haddock

Every year at about this time, the Baltimore region comes under attack from natural sources. Sometimes they call it a "Bermuda high "and sometimes they say that it's an "occluded front,"but most of the time they call it "another hot day in Baltimore."

You will meet the occasional citizen who says they like this weather. Under further questioning, they usually reveal that they were raised in the cotton fields of Alabama, near a Bessemer Furnace in that same state, or along the swampy bayous  of Louisiana. If that's your background, the chances are that the merciless sun beating down on a helpless populace, accompanied by temperatures of around 99°, and humidity readings beyond all previous measure are not a problem.

For the rest of us, that sort of climate is too much to enjoy, so we sit inside and watch the news, hoping that the air conditioner and the cable will continue to function. 
How else could we see the annual, time-honored news stories showing roofers spreading tar atop buildings, polar bears swimming amid giant cakes of ice and frozen haddock, and eggs sizzling on sidewalks?

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