Friday, June 15, 2012

our local wrongdoers

The power supply unit on what just became our "old" computer french-fried itself the other morning and so now I will be doing the blog on my tablet for a while, until the good people at Dell get my new pc made and shipped to me. We started to smell something a little funky in the computer room the other day, and for once, it wasn't my socks. 'Twas the computer, which gasped and wheezed to a final halt on Wednesday . Since typing anything longer than a joke about what an unbearable prig Mitt Romney is takes forever on the Xoom, the blog will be shorter for a while.  (Pause for joyous crowd reaction).

But i want to say that I read in our local Patch that a guy from our town had been fired from his job at a restaurant for showing up in what his boss considered an  intoxicated state. According to charging documents, the man came back to the restaurant an hour later, pouring a flammable liquid about, and starting a small fire, "according to multiple eyewitnesses." This took place at a restaurant called  Tark's in Greenspring Station, where I have never eaten and probably never shall. But the whole thing seems to be a misunderstanding. The chagrined former employee thought that's what they meant when people said fight "fired" with fire.

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