Monday, June 25, 2012

Change of address

This is the last thing I should be writing about on a Monday, but it's on my mind, so here goes, and I promise something funnier for tomorrow.  How about a picture of Willard Romney in his fake State Police outfit?

Three years ago this month, I lost two old friends quite suddenly.  Barbara was a high school classmate and was killed in a head-on wreck up in northern Baltimore County.  Don was a broadcasting school classmate who was taken away by a sudden, massive, heart attack.

These deaths were hard to deal with, but I said my goodbyes to Barbara at the funeral parlor.  I couldn't get to New Jersey for Don's homegoing, but I said my goodbye in my own way.

Three years now, and I still can't remove their names from my email address book.  I just can't.  And, fool that I am, I thought with the new pc on which I am typing to you right now, everything would be updated, like I expected a computer to carry over all the names and email addresses of people who were still with us, and leave Barbara and Don off. 

The computer brought them over and, if they are going to come off the list, I am going to have to delete them myself.  And that's more than I care to do right now.

Anyone feeling me on this?


Tony said...

Follow your heart on this Mark. We all have ways to keep the memories of our dear friends alive. It's like a digital personal effect. 10

Mark said...

Thanks, Tony! I will indeed follow my heart and leave them right where they are. It gives me a chance to relive happy memories, to see their names as I scroll along. Good day to you!