Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Evening it up

It's a crazy day to have kinfolk out in Colorado, near the huge wildfires going on out there, and family in Florida, which has been getting slammed with one-foot-per-day rainfalls of late.

How great would it be to be able to lift the country up with some sort of giant crane -they might use the one that's in service carrying resort clothing for TV's entire Kardashian family - and slosh some of this rainwater out west, where it could douse those hundred-square-mile flames.

Remember the story of the Seven Chinese Brothers, men with extraordinary physical gifts (legs that could stretch to the sky, iron bones, and so forth)? One of those men could drink an entire ocean, a skill later envied by Charles Sheen of Los Angeles.  If only we could have that man in the story drink up the seas of rainwater, travel to the western US and open up the old sluice out!

There is evidence that something similar happened last winter in Baltimore.  We got snow on Halloween, which frosted many a pumpkin, and then no more at all, all winter long.  Maybe those brothers found a way to lasso Miami weather and install it over Baltimore. 

Or not.

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