Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sometimes, it's hard to find the right accommodations

Gary Giordano absolutely did not have anything to do with the disappearance of Robyn Gardner, who went to Aruba with him on a vacation.  She never came back from a snorkeling sojourn they took together, but his story  -  he knew "nothing about it" -  washed with the Aruban authorities.

He was held down there for four months, but they let him go, because he needed to be back here in Maryland, attending to his business.

Nice toup.
It would seem that he was getting real busy last Friday night.  Annapolis Police have released a report detailing Giordano's arrest on charges of indecent exposure.  In the capital city of Maryland, Mr Giordano and a female partner, one Tammy Lynn Bock of Springfield, TN, were found nekkid - or at least in a partial state of dishabille - and trying to cover themselves with towels in the back of a black Cadillac SUV inside the Gorman Street parking garage.

Of course, just being arrested for being undressed and having your black "under ware" (sic) fall to the ground when you climb off the mattress in the back of the black SUV along with your semi-clad female partner does not mean that you are guilty of anything, Mr Giordano.

But your attorney, Stephen Kupferberg, is not returning calls to the media.   I thought it would be good to let someone know that I Googled "Hotel room Annapolis MD" and got 649,000 results.  I assume that not one of those results would have said "Get all nekkid up in here and do the horizontal shuffle in the back of an SUV in a public garage" but I could be wrong.

I'll be staying out of Annapolis for the time being.

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