Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Modern Family Medicine

All I know about acting is that I couldn't do it.  But I love to see people who can, doing it.

And I love this Modern Family show on ABC.  It's the one with the guy who used to be Al Bundy and his glorious wife Gloria, and the gay couple, and the family of five headed by a goofy Dad and the pride of Baltimore, the lovely Julie Bowen.

That family - the Dunphys - has three kids, the oldest of whom is Haley, who is just finishing high school on the show and is hopeful about going to college.  The young actress who plays her is Sarah Hyland, who is just as perfect in the role as she can be.  She has all the high school attitudes down perfectly, she's not exactly an angel, and she has her ups and downs with her siblings and parents.  Perfect!

But we just found out that life has not been perfect for Sarah Hyland.  She has been fighting kidney dysplasia since childhood, and last month, received a kidney donated by her father.

In a Tweet to her fans, Sarah said, “For those asking I’m doing great! I take it day by day :) of course there are some days that aren’t so good but you fight through.”

I also read that she never missed a day of work in the three seasons the show has been on.  Here in Baltimore, we read about some star throwing a tantrum because they brought him decaf instead of mocha java, and someone else going home sick every other day because they were sick of only earning $25,000 a week.  Ms Hyland, although weakened by the kidney problem, showed up every day, rested when she needed to and got through.  Now, at 21, she has a new kidney and a much better medical future.

She deserves our congratulations.  Her father, also an actor, is named Edward James Hyland.  He deserves our awe and love.  What a gift, from a man who clearly already gave his daughter the gift of professionalism!

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