Thursday, July 8, 2010

That's Hot!

As I wrote this, it is 10:19 PM on Wednesday, July 7, and the outside temperature here in my "neck of the woods" is a stunning 91°. That's too hot for any time of day, but especially for this close to bedtime.

But I'm not complaining. Other people have it a lot worse with their climate problems, so I'm saying nothing. But my prediction of silly wacky goofy behavior on the part of our fellow citizens is coming true.

Viz: I see people wearing wool pants. Are they worried about getting a chill?

Viz: Peggy was at the Giant food store today at lunchtime. A woman, dressed for office work, grabbed a cart on the parking lot, RAN up to the door of the store pushing the cart (while wearing high heels) and began loading the cart with mulch! Mulch -that dried out shredded tree bark that you put around trees and shrubs in like April or early May! Mulch, which is used to keep tree and shrub beds moist. And we haven't had any moisture around here at all. And who runs across a blacktop parking lot in dress clothes and high heels at noon on a day when it's 104°, and who buys mulch in July?

Of course, the tv news people are busy doing stories about:
  • the polar bears in the Zoo, who couldn't care less how hot it is, so long as they have their swimming pool and a huge cake of ice with frozen fish in it
  • some poor guys working on roof tarring crews or asphalt paving crews
  • kids setting up a snowball or lemonade stand
  • someone frying an egg on the sidewalk
I guess there is always someone who hasn't seen that before. After all, who's seen a high-heel-clad woman running across a supermarket parking lot to buy mulch in July?

I mean, besides Peggy!

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