Monday, July 26, 2010

Everyone has a cell phone now

I was going to write a quick blog entry to say that I have been sick since Thursday but I noticed a news item that, if left uncommented-upon, could ripen into something horrible.  So I must comment upon it.

Authorities at the Lynwood Correctional Center, where Ms Lindsay
Lohan is serving her sentence, are having to deal with 100 phone calls PER HOUR from fans seeking to speak with Ms Lohan.

That means that every hour, 100 of our fellow citizens are going to 411 to get the number for that hoosegow and then dialing the number in the apparent belief that the jailer will then take a wireless phone to her cell and say,"Lindsay, you have a call from a Hugh Jass in Massachusetts.  Please don't take too long on the phone, now, honey."

It's only really horrifying when you realize that these 100 people might not have anything better to do on Election day than to go and nullify your vote.

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