Saturday, April 6, 2019

The Saturday Picture Show, April 6, 2019

Anthropomorphism - the assigning of human characteristics to inaminate objects - is never more popular than when she see things like this purse, with the zipper eyes and mouth.
Like one of those phantom pictures of a cow that show where all the cuts of beer used to be located, here's a cutaway picture of a tree, showing its future in the lumber industry.
When slugger and all-around oddball Bryce Harper left the Washington Nationals for a huge contract with the Philadelphia Phillies, Washington fans turned out to greet him when the Phils came to DC this week for a game. I guess it was too much to ask that they get things lined up right.
I no longer want a charcoal drawing of myself as rendered by a courtroom sketch artist. My fondest desire is now to own and operate one of these burrito blankets ($41.77) for my naps.
April Fool's gags are still around, but people are just pushing it too hard. You would want your baseball glove to smell like leather, not a cherry pie.
Speaking of's the happy crowd at the Baltimore Orioles' home opener on Thursday. It's a rebuilding year, so please don't expect a whole lot of success, but do expect a lot of effort and hustle.
Down in New Orleans, they would take yesterday's baguette and stuff it with some of yesterday's shrimp and some lettuce and tomato and hand it out to those in need of a meal. A kind gesture, even though calling the sandwich a "Po' Boy" seems a bit old-fashioned.
The pollinators are coming back, so let them do their thing!

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