Saturday, April 20, 2019

The Saturday Picture Show, April 20, 2019

 Even with three letters not illuminated, this sign is still accurate!
Interested in cutting carbs? Throw out that submarine roll, or hoagie roll as they say in Haddon Township, New Jersey, home of Elsie's, where they will make a real nice dill for you and put your Italian cold cuts on a giant pickle.
So you asked for a tattoo reading " 'It's my life-' Jon Bon Jovi" and this is what you get...the redacted version. At least the prison tattoist included the apostrophe in "it's."
There are all these abandoned vessels now being used for shade by camels in what's left of the Aral Sea, a lake between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan that saw all its water diverted away to the Ferghana Valley for crop irrigation. It's a huge disaster that leaves the Sea looking like a bathtub that was drained, leaving all the floating toys sitting around forlorn.
You have heard of those small towns where they say they roll up the sidewalks at 9 PM. Here's a place where they roll up the whole road! You have to stay!
What a great idea for a kitchen candelabra!
Peggy has been watching a PBS show called "Mrs Wilson." Nothing could better demonstrate the difference between her cultural interests in mine better that, having very little to occupy what there is of my mind, I determined to find out the name of the actress who played Mrs Wilson on the old "Dennis The Menace" show. Her name was Sylvia Field, and when I saw pictures of her in the 1950s playing "Good old Mrs Wilson," I was enchanted to see what a lovely young Broadway star she was in the 1920s.
There's just something fun about thinking about all the stories that took place long ago in now-abandoned gas stations, such as this one in Pine Mountain, Alabama.

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