Friday, September 28, 2018

You feel safe?

I'm going to sum up the confusion around gun violence in just a few words.  We're told by "gun enthusiasts" that only decent, moral, upstanding, law-abiding citizens can get guns to shoot you with because there is a screening process to keep mentally ill people from getting guns.

Feel good? Good. Because it turns out that the screening process is a questionnaire, a gun permit application, and when you fill it out and see the question "ARE YOU INSANE?" all you have to do is check the "NO" box and strap on whatever weapon(s) you wish to use in killing strangers, family, or coworkers.

Last week, Snochia Moseley, 26, a temporary worker at the Rite Aid warehouse in Harford County, got cheesed off about something, so she went home and got her shootin' iron, came back to work, and killed four people, including herself. 

Moseley suffered from schizophrenia, but recently purchased the gun she used to kill four humans, because she cleverly deceived the gun permit application by denying her mental illness.

"I know so many people out in the public are looking to make some sense of this. There's just no way to make sense of something so senseless," Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler says.
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"While no evidence directly related to the shooting was recovered, evidence that the shooter was suffering from a mental illness was identified," Gahler continued. "Friends and family members told detectives over the last few weeks she had become increasingly agitated and they were concerned for her well-being."

These are the people who lost their lives to this gun of hers:

Sunday Aguda, 45, of Baltimore County
Brindra Giri, 41, of Baltimore County
Hayleen Reyes, 21, of Baltimore City

and these three people are still in hospital with their wounds:

Hassan Mitchell, 19, of Harford County
Wilfredo Villegas, 45, of Montgomery County
Purna Acharya, 45, of New York

The sheriff said Moseley legally purchased the Glock 17 9 mm handgun in March, two years after being diagnosed with mental illness. 

IN 2012, four Americans were killed by insurgents in Benghazi, and the sturm und drang over that tragedy roars on in this country, while three people far from any war zones wound up dead just by going to work in Aberdeen, Maryland, and no one is looking for a Congressional investigation over it.

And while I am irritating the "gun enthusiasts," let me share this with you.

Cody Wilson, the genius who invented the 3-D printed gun, allowing any maniac to build his or her own gun right at home, has resigned from his job as director of Defense Distributed, the Austin company he founded. He'll be too busy to help others make their own bullet-shooting machine because he's facing charges of sexual assault of a minor, stemming from an incident earlier this year in which he allegedly had sex with a 16-year-old girl he met online. Wilson was released on $150,000 bail Monday.

Some very fine people on both sides.

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