Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, December 5, 2015

This is a seriously old ginkgo tree.  It's in the Gu Guanyin Temple, Zhongnan Mountains, Xi’an, in the Shaanxi province in China. The temple itself was built in 628, during the Tang dynasty.  It’s said this ginkgo tree was planted by Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong himself.  And here I have trouble getting a dogwood tree to take root.
Mark Zuckerberg  and his wife Priscilla Chan welcomed little baby girl Max to the wonderful world of Facebook this week.  There is absolutely nothing to 'dislike' about that!
Yes, this is just what it looks Outback being towed by an Outback and the driver stopped for lunch at an Outback, and parked Outfront.
What we see here is a reflecting lake, still as glass, and reflecting what's above it...I saved this picture to the Cloud just in case.
I know the trend in restaurant service is to put everything in the computer. This is probably a great thing, and helpful in getting the right Kobe burger out to the right people.  But even if, in your mind, you think of your customers as "OLD," "BLK," or "PREGO," you might not want to put that on the bill where they will see it. Magdalena, there is much more to everyone than any one-word descriptor can express.  So how about going with "BLUE SHIRT" or "WIRE RIM GLASSES" next time?
I guess this guy has the right to compare himself with Abe, because he is Ralph Lincoln, 16th descendant of the 16th president. Honestly!

Ice covers speed limit sign and slides right off.  Someone ought to make a movie about this and call it "Frozen."
This is just part of the great Christmas train garden at Baltimore City Engine 45 on Cross County Bl and Glen Av. Information is on this page.  I've been going to this since I was in high school and it's an annual holiday highlight!

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