Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Shave and a haircut

I try to stay on top of all the latest trends, even though I fall off of them all too often.  

I was slow converting from cassette tapes to CDs, and now I still like to burn and buy CDs while everyone else is into Pandora and Apple Music and whatever else.  I only like what I like, so I'm better off being a step behind.

I have about 10,349 movies and old TV shows on VHS tapes down in the basement.  You laugh, but tape will come back someday, and I'll be ready to enjoy "About Last Night" starring Demi Moore and Rob Lowe.

Dr Pitbull will see you now
I must have been out of the room when the memo came out stating that men don't have to wear ties anymore. That's great if you want to go to work and look like Pitbull, but I still think a tie looks more professional... preferably worn with a suit that fits like suits are supposed to fit, which is to say a suit that doesn't look like the one you bought for Easter in 1987 and keep trying to make it last.  If it's tight, if the jacket sleeve cuffs are halfway to your elbows, if you can hardly breathe while wearing it...Goodwill wants it for someone much smaller, thanks.

But I think it's time we discussed the new trend of men's hairdids. The classic side-part with a close shave on the sides is back, friends. You see it on that guy from Pentatonix, second from the right (above).  You see it on every other young dude picking out kale for a pomegranate salad at Wegmans.
It did not end well for him

And you see it on John Dillinger's old mug shots. His example was not one to follow. 

Where did we go wrong, from hollering that people's hair was too long to complaining that it's too short?

Do we really want to look like we just got our hair cut at the prison barber shop?

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