Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Rerun: SDWSOTRHO

I don't intend to turn this blog into a music sharing review.  I think it's better that we keep it as it is, a frank and honest discussion of our modern times, our national aspirations, and the public weal.

For instance, I notice as I parade around the neighborhood on my daily walk, I really love certain songs on my iPod.  And I have to tell you, most people would be raising one or both eyebrows if they saw some of the songs I love.  I mean, most men my age are not supposed to enjoy AC/DC this much.  And The Rolling Stones, all of whom at least have a good lead on me on the race to the finish.

And that brings me to the new playlist I am starting on the iPod.  I call it "Songs During Which Someone On The Record Hollers Out."

This is a longtime interest of mine, how a musician will be so moved by the music being played that he or she will ejaculate* if you will, during the song, or as it fades.

Arthur Lee 1945 -2006
For instance, let's take my favorite, Arthur Lee, leader of the 60's band Love. Love had three great albums, ok, maybe 2, but he was a genius, way ahead of his time.  In 1972, he became a vegetarian and put out a solo album called "Vindicator," which contained the anti-meat anthem "Hamburger Breath Stinkfinger."  Not a subtle man, Arthur.  But on that album there was a song about how he met a woman who came to a party at his house by jumping through the bedroom window. Listen to "Love Jumped Through My Window," and hear Arthur give himself a shout of appreciation for his guitar skills at 1:08 into it.

Another CD that Peggy thinks sounds better in my truck and should therefore stay there is "Gorilla," by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.  That late, lamented group specialized in comic novelty numbers and parodies.  At 2:59 on their Dixieland takeoff "Jazz - Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold" you will hear what you always hear during Dixieland records...someone hollering "Oh yeah! Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!"

The other Dixieland record I can stand is an English version of an old Russian classical number.  Of course, we're talking about "Midnight In Moscow" in which, 2:20 into it, as the trombonist does what every trombonist does and drags that tube all the way down, someone else can be heard to holler "Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Two more, then I got to go.  On "Respectable," Mick Jagger is leading the Rolling Stones and introduces a break by second guitarist Ron Wood by shouting "Aw, Ron Wood!" at 2:08.

And that's the exact time in "Happy Jack" that Pete Townshend of The Who hollers "I saw you!" to drummer Keith Moon, who, against orders and logic, kept trying to sing on the song with the others in the band. 

And now I have to go for a walk.  Thanks!

*Merriam-Webster, definition 2: "to say (something) suddenly and forcefully"

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