Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, September 5, 2015

How sneaky can you get?
This is a colorized picture of a woman from the 1920s spiking her Coca-Cola with booze she hid in a fake cane. Yes, there was a time when people had decided that the way to get people not to drink was to make them carry their hooch in orthopedic supplies.
It's hard to imagine the early days of Glenn Langan's career, when he eked out a meager existence in the movies by playing a diaper-clad monster in B movies.  Since then, of course, he has scaled the heights of Hollywood, and the annual Langanfest convention fills a small diner in his hometown.
This ram was on the news the other day; he is Australian, goes by the name "Chris," and went unshorn for five years until he went to Hair Cuttery the other day and divested himself of 93 pounds of wool - enough to make suits and scarves for most of the Republican presidential candidates.
I know the guy in the front is an ant of some sort.  I guess the rest of the picture is a package of alfalfa sprouts, but I could be wrong.
People aspiring to careers in the secretarial field used to practice shorthand by listening to records on which people dictated fake letters.  For extra credit, let's discuss the following terms now relegated to disuse:  "secretarial," "record," and "letter."
I'm sad every Labor Day now because of the unceremonious way that the MDA Telethon dumped Jerry Lewis as its host, after all he had done for them over the years.  I have come to understand that Jerry is not to everyone's taste, but for years and years, nothing said "Labor Day" like Jerry in a tuxedo introducing Sammy Davis, Jr. in a tuxedo by calling him a "mahvelous pehfohmeh!" Show biz at its peak.
Today's free wallpaper is this seaside view of a late night drive. Enjoy your weekend!

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