Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, September 19, 2015

It's a perfect day to take a walk in the woods!  Lovely weather, gorgeous scenery.  (Of course, I wrote this two days ago, so in case some bad weather rolled in, sorry!)
Colorful, whimsical piñatas, stuffed with candy and treats and vague promises of great and wonderful brilliant magnificence, are popular games for children's parties, but not so much for adults, who know a big empty papier-mâché effigy when they see one.
Even Bo and Luke need a lift from time to time.
It was just over 20 years ago that, once again, Cal came out to play...
 Pencil shoes.  Get the point?
If you remember the Seinfeld episode "The Jacket," with tough guy actor Lawrence Tierney as Alton Benes...well, his brother was tough guy actor Scott Brady, here demonstrating the family grimace 'n' grunt in a 1950 movie with Baltimore's own Mona Freeman. "Anthony" Curtis, né Bernard Schwartz, later became Tony Curtis, to the delight of millions, including Tony Curtis. I wonder if anyone ever shoplifted this DVD.
No bones about it, these are the sticks that hold us together. This could have been the poster for the movie "Murder Of An Anatomy."
You heard the story the other day about the young man in Texas, Ahmed Mohamed, whose amazingly obtuse teacher mistook the digital clock he so proudly made for extra credit and so proudly displayed to her, only to be handcuffed, arrested and suspended from school, because Texas?  Well, the night the story broke, there was a media swarm outside the Mohamed family home, and Mohamed's parents treated the reporters and camera people to pizza for dinner because kindness trumps stupidity.

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