Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, September 12, 2015

I saw on a restaurant website that some servers don't like it when people do origami and fold up their tips.  I think that even more, servers don't like it when you tip them a dollar.
Ah, for the days when 98 cents would buy a woman an armful of Woolworth's acetate tricot panties with frothy embroidery!  (PS - That's not the customary way to wear them.)
To be printed and scotch-taped to refrigerators all over town.
There are times in every life when nothing will do but a taco.
Only through the miracles of advertising could people have been persuaded that sucking hot smoke down their throats and into their lungs was protective of the throat and lungs.
This is a true bird's-eye view from above. I think I'd rather walk.
The first day of school means time to snap a million pictures of the kids in their starchy new pants and new backpack.  And to blend photos, as this young lady did, of the first day of Kindergarten and the first day of senior year at high school!
It's possible to set my iPod on shuffle and go from Tex Ritter to Andy Williams to The Sex Pistols.  I love the Pistols, have since 1977 for both their sheer power in music and for lyrics that bring to life such metaphors as "We're the flowers in the dustbin." That's what I call turning a phrase.

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