Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The stars at night are big and bright!

As Ernest Tubb said, "The thing about Texas isn't
that we have everything; it's that we have
so much of it!" 
Ah, it's the packing! Packing is what I hate. Really though,  pack we must, because our house has been sold to a really nice family from up in Carroll County, and as soon as the moving men are here to pack our clothes, furniture, old books, records and cookware, we'll be headed for our new home in Houston.

I am really looking forward to one thing down in the Lone Star State: the chance to enjoy hot, humid weather all year long.  Lord knows, here in Baltimore, we only had oppressive, sticky heat in June, July and August!  Fortunately for us, the people who hired us to move to Houston and serve as houseparents at a local university dormitory (can't mention the name; I'm sure you understand why) have assured us of a steady flow of Gulf moisture, accompanied by the heat that comes from a latitude closer to the equator (and Mexico!) and a sun that feels like it's about three feet above your sombrero from January through December.

Oh, right...we can leave all those winter hats, scarves, gloves and snowshovels right where they are!  Only thing is, the new owners of the house they have promised to take over to the GoodWill store whatever they can't use.

Long about June, we'll be all settled in, Deep In The Heart Of!

(We'd love to have you come visit!  For our new address and contact info, just look at the first letter of each sentence above!)

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