Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, April 4, 2015

Someone had a great idea for a pair of mittens!  Now I want french fries very much.
I don't know if this cigar is lighted, so I can't pick on former Governor Schwarzenegger for smoking in a non-smoking area.  It's enough to shake my head and wonder how he got to be governor of anything in the first place.
This Photoshop thing really has possibilities, am I wrong?
Grab the crayons and fill this in! Baseball time is here at last.
I love flowers that will bear fruit, like this apple blossom that will lead to applesauce by November!
I always wonder about that expression, "He really got your goat." What does that mean?  While we figure that out, here's a goat that really got a ride.
There is beauty in everything.  At one time, a tree grew and provided shade, only to be cut down to provide a place to sit down.  Thanks!
My tenth-grade Spanish teacher, Panamanian by birth, scoffed at us for eating yellow bananas.  He said that people down where the bananas come from only eat 'em green, which is how they see them as they are shipped up here to the Try'N'Save.  

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