Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, April 25, 2015

We know why the geese fly in a Vee pattern. Each of them flying just above the bird in front cuts down on wind resistance. The birds take turns being front goose, dropping back in the pack when they get tired. By so doing, they can travel a long way in a day - further than a family in a Family Truckster, but then again, geese don't have to stop at a WaWa for the kids to tinkle.
Great places for a picnic, #472.
Someone, please tell Mitch Ryder the Detroit Wheels are here, a little rusty but ready to hit the road!
If I begin to collect great paintings depicting everyday life in ye Olden Days, I might start with "The Reading Lesson" by Ekvall Knut. I bet that Dad, here, is reading "I The Jury" by Mickey Spillane.
This is one of the albums I have on vinyl, cassette, CD, and my iPod.  It's the best of the after-the-folk-craze Dylan.  Interesting: Triumph motorcycles used to have a big office and warehouse right up the road in Timonium, MD, next to another dearly missed business, the Timonium Drive-In Theater.
We Americans do love our bizarre oversized fruit, don't we? 
They say this is the best way to make a homemade universal knife block - fill an upright wooden box with bamboo skewers.
We don't know how successful the Ravens will be in 2015, but it sure looks like a colorful season!

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