Thursday, April 2, 2015

Springing for the prom

It's that time of the year as Spring rubs pollen into our eyes and noses, and the cost of high school activities is nothing to sneeze at, I'll tell you.

The prom, for juniors and especially seniors, is a very important part of high school life.  But whereas most guys can hustle around a little and scrape up enough loot to rent a tux and buy some flowers, a gown for a young lady can be an expense into the hundreds of dollars.  And since there are so many other things that families need to purchase, it's good to see that people of good will and community spirit are willing to do something to help.

Up in Aberdeen, Harford County (birthplace of our sports idol Cal Ripken, Jr.) the Lionesses of the local Lions Club collects donated gowns all through the year so that in March, they can open "Cinderella's Closet," a gown giveaway where a young lady can be united with a gently used garment and "Turn Dresses Into Dreams."

All the girls will look like this at the prom.
All the boys will look (and act) like Pee Wee Herman.
"I know prom is an important time for these girls and there are so many girls who can't go to prom because they can't afford a gown," Lion Leslie Zeigler told the Aegis newspaper. "Collecting these gowns and seeing the smiles on the moms' faces and the girls' faces when we give these gowns out for free…it's just a wonderful feeling."

Here's a link to the article that will tell you how to donate, or receive, a prom gown. I don't think there's a way to say enough good things about women who are generous enough to donate their dresses for this event, or about the kind women who work all year to make prom night special for all young ladies.

Reading articles like this just makes me a happy man.  Best wishes, ladies!

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