Monday, April 27, 2015

Does he have a prayer?

Well, once again, the calendar let us down, and we missed National Pretzel Day.

How wonderful. As a nation, we pause to salute crooked dough.

Write it down for next year - April 26 is the day to pause and chomp on the tasty snack that was said to have been invented in 610 AD by an Italian monk who wanted to give a little treat to children who had learned to say their prayers. He twists the dough to look like two praying hands across the chest and bakes it.  The Italian word "pretiola" means little reward, you see, and that's how the snack got its name. 

Next week, let's find out where they got the name "hummus"!

So, an Italian invented pretzels, but it was only when the French people got involved that someone figured out we need to add mustard.

But if you live in or around Philadelphia PA, where they love their pretzels soft and doughy, they have had many players on their football team who were a little too soft and doughy as well, and therefore, the Eagles have never won the Super Bowl.  But now they have a secret weapon.

For reasons best known to the people who came up with this idea, the Eagles signed Tim Tebow to play for them this year.  Tebow was a very good college player (he won the Heisman Trophy) but he washed out with Denver, the Jets, and New England in the NFL, and has not played for the last two seasons, years he spent waiting for his phone to ring from a team in need of his services. He is best known for his habit of "Tebowing," which is dropping to one knee to pray in a publicly ostentatious manner.

Philly signed him, I don't know why, but a clever pretzel maker in the City of Brotherly Love has come up with a Tebow Pretzel...salty dough in the shape of a man making heavenly entreaty. 

A half-baked idea?
You might recall that Philadelphia fans threw snowballs at Santa Claus when old St. Nick appeared at an Eagles game years ago. Tebow should be concerned, because chances are those fans are better than he at throwing things, and these pretzels might make easy missiles. 

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