Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Double exposure
You can't do this with digital photography technology, what they used to call a double exposure.  If you're using film in a camera, just take some pictures and then run the same film through the camera again and take some other pictures.  You get two images, and it looks like this:  Sort of artistic, but not an accurate picture of either object.

Now, with that as background, let me ask you this: if you are getting married, do you have your high-school kid brother take the pictures of the most important day of your life?  Of course not. That's why people with a good grip on what's going on engage photo studios or crime-scene photographers to get pictures of the vows being taken, the candles being lit, the happy couple walking down the aisle, and Aunt Mabel falling over the feet of Cousin Alice while doing the Chicken Dance at the conception reception.

Jeb Bush and bride Columba
The happy smiling couple you see at left got married in 1974 and are still married today, even though his brother Marvin screwed up royally. This is the only picture of that happy day, because Marvin, entrusted with the honor of taking pictures of the hoedown, brought along the camera that he had just used at a Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention performance in Richmond, and he cleverly rewound the film and took double exposure pictures, ruining the memories of both the concert and the wedding.

Not wanting the debacle to be a complete debacle, Marvin submitted one of the pictures to his high school art show and won third prize for his imaginative entry "Zappa's bride."

You wouldn't even be hearing about all this, except that the groom here is current presidential contender Jeb Bush, and the hapless photographer, his brother Marvin.

My only question is, is there a "Zeppo" Bush?

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