Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, March 14, 2015

Nature did not give the weasel wings to fly, but like many other animals, this little guy figured a way to get around pretty nicely. Just moments before, he was seen hitchhiking along the highway, and along came a woodpecker...
One great thing about baseball and its uniforms is that teams don't run out and change their logos every five minutes.  Most of these teams will wear the same hat this summer.  The Houston Colt .45s, still the dumbest name for a ballclub ever, are now the Astros, and play in the far-superior American League.
Yes, it's back!  Magic Eye pictures, so popular in 1990, are back to bedevil the astigmatic once again.  You have to make this image as large as you can on your screen and stare at the middle of the picture and let your eyes go all kitty wompus.  We're not horsing around!
At first glance, this would appear to be a painting on a wall, but glance again!
I'm crazy about Sriracha hot chile sauce, and now some enterprising people have found a way to add it to beer, or add beer to it, whichever. I might just have to try a case or two to see how it is.
For those of us who believed the late Cretaceous period ended some years ago, here is a creature from that era, who has moved into a home on the Myakka Pines Golf Club in Englewood, Florida, over the weekend. Carl Spackler, report to hole #3 at once!
A couple of years ago, we found a picture from Italy of a fire department bike, which carried a hose for emergency purposes. Here are people who have rigged up a bicycle for non-emergency purposes - the Picnic Bike! Notice, it has tiny little speakers in there so they can enjoy music or the ballgame while they snack!
Up in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod, giant ice chunks are washing ashore now that the grip of winter is easing.  If there were only some way to ship all this ice to drought-ridden northern California...

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