Friday, March 6, 2015

Kid Tested, Mother Approved

We've all seen examples of really dumb things people can do while driving...they drive after drinking alcohol, they drive while drinking alcohol, they send texts, they read texts, they read books (I once saw a college-kinda guy in rush-hour I-95 traffic with a textbook propped up on the steering wheel), they stick their left leg out of the driver's window (at least, I assumed it was the driver's leg...), they floss their teeth, they eat soup or cereal with a bowl and spoon.

These are things we've all seen.  Men who shave while driving can't be very proud of how nice they look when the ambulance drops them off at the ER after they run into a light pole, and someone told me they saw a guy playing a guitar while rolling his truck across the beltway.

Good thing he didn't play the tuba!

Toyota, the makers of my ride, has an excellent program for young drivers.  Watch this video that shows a 16-year-old female and her mother driving on a test course as they apply their makeup. Cringe as you see the mother and then the daughter bring destruction and agony to innocent rubber traffic cones. Weep as you see the daughter trying to encircle her eyes with makeup as she careers around the track.

And cry for all of our futures when you see the mother say, "It's awful that I taught her to do that."

Be the driver you want others to be.  Especially if you are the parent of a teen who might think it's OK to be a damned fool like this young lady's mother is.

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