Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, November 8, 2014

Upcoming: this Tuesday, the 11th of November, is Veterans Day (Remembrance Day in Canada.)  This picture says a lot about the men and women who were strong enough to save us from untold horrors in World War II, and all those who have fought for us. Please thank a veteran!
I can't ever forget my happy days as a clerk at the good old A&P. It seems odd, but in those days, grocery stores limited themselves to selling groceries, and here and there a bottle of aspirin. Now, you wouldn't be too surprised to walk into the Try 'N' Save and find a brand new Dodge Varmint SUV for sale near the produce.
Something you don't see every day: clouds flowing downhill like a river.
Cover of The New Yorker, January 14, 1928.  The Roaring Twenties were really roaring then, with the nightclubs and illegal booze and everyone guzzling bathtub gin and dancing with showgirls.  In the fall of the next year, it all came to a Crashing end.
This is the Nicaraguan bullet ant, species Paraponera clavata, who is also known as the 24-hour ant, because when he bites you, it hurts like a son of a gun for a whole day.  This is not a life-size picture, by the way.  In real life, these guys appear to be the size of a Whirlpool double-wide refrigerator-freezer, especially when they are chasing you through a jungle.
If you remember the school shooting in Newtown CT in December 2012 (there are so many school shootings to remember, sad to say), this is the young teacher, Victoria Leigh Soto, whose birthday was last week.  She died saving her students from the hail of gunfire wrought by an insane young man who was armed to the hilt.  Now, as her family tries to keep her memory alive, they are continually harassed by lunatics who claim that the school shootings never took place, that they were total fiction invented by the president as part of his campaign to go door-to-door and take guns away from the likes of Adam Lanza. Remember: for every deranged thought that leaks from the mind of a conspiracy theorist, there will be a dozen or so people who aren't bolted down tightly enough to believe that theory.
Bazooka Gum has discontinued the popular Bazooka Joe waxpaper comic that used to engirdle every piece of gum.  For years, I stole gags from Bazooka Joe and his gang.  I just looked it up and found that he did in fact have two working eyes, but he wore the patch as a fashion statement.  But I still use the gags.  "I always know the score of a ballgame before it starts!" "Oh yeah?" "Yeah - nothing to nothing."
It wouldn't be November without scenes like this.  It's the prettiest time of the year, for my money.  Have a great weekend!

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