Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show November 29, 2014

Can you even imagine seeing a stage show this great for two bucks? Sure, $2 was a lot more money in 1956, but what a lineup!

Beer manufacturers have always had to deal with the image of their product being seen as somehow déclassé, in comparison to wine and hard liquor. I happen to like the taste of the stuff and have since I was 13 21.
 If you missed the 70's, you didn't miss much. It was a decade in which people said, "Here's a nice shirt! I think I'll buy it and wear it." And then, this is look how they looked.
I've seen staircases with railings made of old baseball bats, but you have to give it to the chair with ax legs.
I love doing the grocery shopping, and I really loved it back in the days when Metro Foods had Taco Bell kiosks right in the store.  I could combine lunch with shopping! But this is an idea whose time has come somewhere...a bar inside a supermarket!
Some creative stone masonry on display!
"See? I TOLD you it would be OK to park here!  The sign says so!"
For those of us who love winter, here's a sneak preview!

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