Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, June 7, 2014

 Say hello to scenic Lake Sylvenstein, the cream of Bavarian dams!
 I can't get over the looks on the faces of these ivory 12th Century chessmen.  It's like they can't believe the moves some people make!
Of course, we globetrotting world travelers recognize this as Oppstrynsvatnet lake, near Stryn in western Norway. If you travel to Norway, there's a fjord in your future!
 I miss the days when listening to the radio was an esthetic pleasure as much as an aural joy.  Sure, technology has improved, but listening to radio online is not much to look at, not like these table radios were!
 You still see these now and again, advertising signs painted directly onto brick walls in the city.  Two chewing gums, a soda and an attorney want your attention here.
We associate sick days with Bob Barker, or Mike Douglas before him, and of course medicine and Campbell's soup.  Being home sick on a Thursday was never a good idea, because you'd get tomato soup and a grilled cheese sammy and then go back to school on Friday and have the same doggone thing!

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